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बुरी नजर से बचने के उपाय

बुरी नजर से बचने के उपाय

बुरी नजर जिसके कारण इन्सान का भाग्य बिलकुल सो जाता है उसके किये गए सारे काम विफल हो जाते है। अगर कभी कोई भी स्त्री पुरुष किसी की उन्नति, सम्रद्धि, खुशहाली, अच्छे स्वास्थ्य को देखकर ईर्ष्या करता है वा बुरी नियत के कारण कुछ गलत कह दे तो उसे नज़र लग सकती है। जिसके कारण उस स्त्री  पुरुष के सारे काम बनते बनते बिगड़ जाते है।

उनके जीवन में हर तरफ से दुःख और परेशानियाँ ही नज़र आने लगती है यदि आपके साथ ऐसा कुछ हो रहा है तो यहां पर कुछ उपाय दिए है जिसकी मदद से आसानी से नजर मुक्त हो सकते है।

मोती चांद का लॉकेट एवं काले-सफेद मोती का नजरबंद का ब्रेसलेट या करधनी पहनाएं इससे बच्चो को नज़र नहीं लगती है।

यदि बच्चा दूध पीने या खाना खाने में आनाकानी करें तो उसके ऊपर से 7 बार दूध उतार कर  कुत्ते को पिला दें और रोटी को उतारकर कुत्ते अथवा गाय को खिला दें, दूध और खाने की नज़र उतर जाएगी।

नज़र से बचने के लिए हमें अपने दाहिने हाथ या गले में भैरों मंदिर का  काला धागा  अवश्य ही धारण करना चाहिए। हाथ में पूजा का लाल कलावा/ मौलि  बांधने से भी बुरी नज़र से बचाव होता है।

बच्चो को बुरी नज़र से बचाव के लिए पीली कौड़ी में छेद करके उसे बच्चे को पहनाने से उसे नजर नहीं लगती है।


Black Magic to Make Relationship Long Lasting


In today’s time love relationship is just like a joke for the people and this is the reason people are taking love as a game and cause of which continues problems arises in between love life of couples are you also such one who is facing the problems then you can take help of black magic to make relationship long lasting. actually, as we told before that in  today’s time youngsters or people take love life as a game and reason of that continues problems arises in between the couple and when problems are in the relationship then there is very lesser chance to keep this relationship long lasting. So this is the reason we are suggesting you take help of black magic. As everyone knows that black magic is most powerful kind of magic and has the power to solve any kind of problems, when you use this mantra to solve your love life matter and for making your love life perfect then you will totally get the fruitful and favorable result.  So what are you waiting for, make hurry and take help of black magic and give a chance to your love life to get improve.

Black magic to get back happiness in relationship

Who is the one who don’t want to get happiness in their relationship? Actually, everyone wants to make this thing possible but finding the way to make this thing possible is harder to know. So if you are the one who wants to make this thing possible then you should use Black magic to get back happiness in a relationship. When you use black magic for getting happiness back in the relationship then somewhere you will totally get immersed that how effectively it will gonna work for your life’s problems.


How to Bring Back Happiness in Marriage Life


When problems after a problem arise in married life than love to get vanish somewhere from people’s life and cause of this all couple gets too much frustrated and they lost their happiness. Are you also the same couple who wants to know that how to bring back happiness in marriage life? Then you are at a perfect place we are here to make help you. Married life is not the easiest relation to handling because it is not in just between husband wives only; its relationships which have Burdon and responsibilities of whole families  and this is the reason many of problems arises in between husband wife. And when once problems are misunderstanding arises in between husband wife then resolving it has become really harder and it ends up with the separation and divorce so before this kind of problem arise in your life try to sort out the problem by your end but if you thinks that you have tried a lot by your end but still problems are not getting solve then take help of astrology for resolving your problems. Astrology is and perfect solution of your problems and gives you an effective solution by which you can easily solve your problems and can save your married life easily.

Black Magic to Solve Love Life Issues of Married Life

Love is one of the most important things for married life, if love resides in between husband wife then they can deal with any kind of hard to the hard situation but if they don’t have love in between them then surviving life is become harder for people and problems or issues are continuous arises in the relationship. So for those all couple who are facing these all, we recommend you to take help of Black Magic to Solve Love Life Issues of Married Life.


How to Make Someone Fall in Love with You

It always happens with a human being that they have the checklist of their love partner and when they meet with this kind of person then they fall in love with that people and wants to know that How to Make Someone Fall in Love with You? Because when you fall in love with someone then it’s an optional that your desire one will also love you or not because every person have their own choice and independence that they can love anyone, so it may be possible that the person on whom you have given your heart already loves someone or may be possible that they are single but not interested in you. So in that situation, it really becomes harder for you to accept these both situations because there is no one in the world who wants to get rejected by someone. But love is the thing which can’t make forcefully. So now the thing is that how to make someone love in with you? So the simple answer of this Question is to take help of astrology. Astrology is one of the power tools to deal with any kind of situation whether it’s a hard or the easiest thing but with the help of astrology you can make it simple.

Black Magic for Making a Girl towards You

making a girl fall in love is little bit harder than compare to guys because girls have the kind of nature where if they love someone then she will never ever want to lose their love but if she don’t have to feel for someone or you then no matter how many things you do to convince her she will never ever get agree for that person. So in that situation, you should use Black Magic for Making a Girl towards You.


Powerful Black Magic Mantra for Married Life Problems


Married relation is one the most beautiful and strongest relation a human being has in their life. And as other relationship goes through some ups and downs of life as the same married relationship also have ups and downs or cons and pros. Powerful Black magic mantra for Married Life Problems is a solution for that couple who facing that ups and downs in their married life. As we told that ups and downs are part of relationship so as the same it’s a responsibility of husband and wife itself that how easily and Quickly they solve the issues and problems, some couples are those who have good mutual understanding and cause of that they solve their matter easily but some are those who got stuck in the situation and resultant the matter goes beyond the limit. So for those people black magic is only the situation which can help them to solve their married life issues easily and as well as it helps the couple to make their married life beautiful as what they are dreaming of.


Black magic to increase love and affection in married life

When you talks about the married life then the thing which is back bone of marriage is Love. if there is love in between couple then they have the power to solve or face any kind of issue or problems in their life but if love is missing or get vanished their survival of that relationship becomes harder for that couple. And this is the reason that every couple wants to have lots’ of love in between them. Are you also one who want to make this possible then you should use Black magic to increase love and affection in married life. Black magic is the strongest way to make your love beautiful and lovable. and as well as it will help you to remove all the problems and hurdles of married life also.